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Olive oil

The health secret of the south
Beside the common grape vine the olive tree belongs to the first cultivated plants of mankind. Already for thousands of years humans cultivate oil trees and win the delicious, nutritious and healthy oil. In the Tuscany is probably the olive tree the most frequently occurring tree species, because it is cultivated also here for centuries. In the Mediterranean area 2.5 million humans lived from the cultivation of olive. The oil is not intended only for the export, but becomes a majority in consume in the own country. In the meantime one takes off 60% of the fat supply in Mediterranean countries by olive oil. Gradually also the Germans like the taste, because since the reunification the oil consumption rose around 90%. Surely not only, because now also the Teutons appreciate the delicious taste, but probably because in the meantime it got around itself that the cardiac infarct and impact accumulation rate are substantially smaller in the Mediterranean countries than in central and north European countries. The oil consists nearly 80% of simply insatiate fatty acids and approximately 12% of several times insatiate fatty acids. That affects the cholesterol lowers the blood pressure, is an effective weapon against free radicals and thus also against certain kinds of cancer, as studies resulted in.
Olive oil is well for digesting, for the brain and the nervous system, it brings tired intestines on trap and helps even with stomach and intestine ulcers, how proved in practice. Because it is easily digestible, it benefits also babies with the development of brain and nervous system, and it stops possibly also the mental purge with older humans, as a recently accomplished study in Italy resulted in. And not least olive oil is a marvellous skin care and skin cure, helps with rheumatism tables’ complaints and brings also brittle, dry hair back to shining. And - prove-measured is the olive oil from Tuscany one of the world’s best!

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