Castagneto Carducci

A mountain village as from the picture book. The local centre developed in concentric circles around the – in the 11. Century bricked - Castello of the counts della Gherardesca, before Castagneto Marittimo itself expanded in the 18. Century towards the west. Only since 1907 the place is called Castagneto Carducci after Giosuè Carducci (1836 - 1907), the Nobel prize winner and “poet of the new Italy”, who spent here and in Bolgheri his youth. From the small park of the Piazzale Belvedere 200 m above the sea one has a marvelous view over the hill country and the coast.

Sassetta & Suvereto

At the slopes of the Colline Metallifere in the direction of the sea finds you will find the romantic mountain villages Sassetta and Suvereto, which are about 14 km apart. In the midst of chestnut forests appears Sassetta (340 m above the sea) at a rock slope. This pictorial village is such as nice as a “strain” place, as all lanes lead downhill and consequently also again uphill.
Suvereto was created around the year 1000. By the Porta alla Silici, the well received pisan city wall from the 14. Century, one arrives the upper city towered above by the ruin of the old castle with the pretty Piazza Gramsci.

Campiglia Marittima

The prospect platform in front of the Porta A Mare offers the perhaps most spectacular panorama of the entire coast. Down the plain of Venturina, in front of it the battlements of the Castelli on hills covered with olive trees. On the left the sea with the bay of Follonica, straightforward the peninsula of Piombino with view to the island Elba and on the right again the sea with the gulf of Baratti.


A long and straight avenue of cypresses, the probably most beautiful and the longest in Tuscany, leads from the via Arelia up to Bolgheri. The village is put on like a fortress, half village, half feudal seat of the counts Gherardesca from the 16. to 18. Century. Bolgheri is -due to its since 200 years nearly unchanged built volumes - a genuine rare piece. A rare piece and world well-known is also the Cabernet wine Sassicaia originating from Bolgheri, the best red wine of Italy.


Marina di Castagneto Donoratico - freely also for dogs -
between Castagneto Carducci, San Vincenzo and Populónia