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The Cuisine of Tuscany

Italian is not only a language of the culture, the music and the literature, but it is also a language of cooking and the joy of life. If one thinks of the Tuscany vacation rental, then one does not only think of the beautiful, singular Mediterranean landscape, to which famous art and culture cities such as Florence, Pisa and Siena, but also to the southern benefits, for which Tuscany is famous. The Tuscan cuisine is simply, natively and delicious.

It holds proof of worth, and so it is also today still another traditional cuisine, which hardly did not change within living memory or - despite filled deeps-freeze and prefabricated courts. The meal is central topic apart from the policy, and also much time thereby is spent. Thus one takes cena (dinners) often several hours and begins. On days off the family takes the lunch (pranzo) together with relatives, and one must adjust oneself because of the many courses and the Palavers to the fact that the "Pisolino", which precipitates midday naps, at the used time. But in such a way some becomes after the rich meal and the wine plentifully enjoyed, Limoncello, Vin Santo and Grappa around 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon nevertheless a small sleep. Before the meal in the next evening one can have a Caffè at the bar, afterwards one is fit again for the next round...
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