Le Capanne

The stylish holiday house „Le Capanne“ is a farmhouse, which was completely restored and divided into 4 holiday flats in 1998. It is located on a picturesque hill not far from Lucca. Each apartment is well furnished and has an own terrace as well as a separate entrance. The terraces are furnished with folksy wooden tables and are the perfect place to take meals while enjoying the marvellous panorama view. Each flat has its own gas heating and a typical chimney. All apartments are very comfortable and with a lot of love to wood furnished, what gives them a warm atmosphere with delicate taste. The restoration was done with high diligence considering the typical architectonical style of the region, which includes wooden ceiling braces, folksy white walls and terracotta floors without limitation. The origin wooden ceiling beams as well as the origin stone works can be seen in some cases.

The Garfagnana – maybe one of the best-kept secrets of Italy – lies in the northwest tip of Tuscany. It offers many especially spectacular attractions, an excellent regional food and a good reachability of popular cultural towns like Florence, Pisa or Lucca. Immersed in the marvellous Apuan Alps, also known as marble mountains, it represents a region of native, natural beauty and unbeatable hospitality. Have you known for example, that the sculptor Michelangelo got his marble for its most popular sculptures form the marble quarry of the Apuan Alps? On the other hand, that wolves, fallow deer, eagles and other rare animals live in the wild in the Orecchiella Natural Park (S. Romano)? You can also see brown bears in enclosures and make mountain hikes with many impressions.