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Terms of Hire

1. Travel and hire regulations
We will conclude the accommodation contract on behalf and for the account of the owner of the rented property in the feature as a broker, according to the prices fixed by the owner. Booking and reservation are only valid, when made in writing (e. g. online booking form, by e-mail, fax etc. and will be binding with our written confirmation. Oral agreements have not been stipulated any changes or additions to these general terms and conditions must be made in writing. This also applies to any alterations to the present provisions, or cancellation or renunciation of these provisions. We explicitly draw attention to the fact that, the rental law and not the travel law is applicable. The respective contract partner and his address, please refer to the booking form.
An advance deposit, mentioned in the description of the respective vacation object, has to be paid within 7 days after receipt of the booking confirmation. We are entitled to terminate the accommodation contract on behalf and in the name of the owner, if the advance payment is not paid or not paid in full within this period. The remaining amount has to be paid as mentioned in the description of the object. We accept no costs for bank fees.

Changes after the conclusion of the accommodation contract as to the date of the trip and/or the vacation object (rebooking), will be charged with an extra fee of 30, - Euro. A condition for this is that rebooking is within the applicable time schedule and that the changes are possible (max. 14 days before beginning of rent of the originally booked object.).

Our service portfolio includes merely the brokerage of third-party services. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction is the respective site of the rental object, or the owner’s place of residence. If the contract, for reasons of force majeure or infringement of third parties must be modified or cancelled, our liability is limited on the recovery of amounts already paid.

2. Prices/ tenancy
unless otherwise stated the rental prices are per week, as a general rule from Saturday to Saturday. The rent includes additional costs for final cleaning, electricity, gas and water, unless otherwise stated.

3. Security deposit
If a security deposit is required; it should be paid to your host on arrival. On your day of departure the deposit will be returned after deduction of fees or charges for possibly occurred damages.

4. Maximum occupancy in the rental object
only the mentioned number of persons and pets in the respective object can occupy the object. The short-term accommodation of additional persons in the house, garden or property requires the permission of the respective owner.

5. Arrival- and departure times
the respective times are included in the route directions, which we will send you immediately on receipt of your advance deposit. Any changes must be previously permitted and confirmed by us or the owner.
A right for handing over the keys and taking over the object in case of late arrival does not exist. Any accommodation costs of the guest because of late arrival shall be charged to the latter.

6. Liability
Our contractual obligation is the correct arrangement of a vacation apartment.
We shall not be liable:
- For the correctness and completeness of all information and descriptions, that do not concern the rental object, but the region and country.
- For services of third parties, that are merely negotiated.
- For interferences whose reasons are outside of the sphere of our influence, especially strikes, civil unrest, epidemics, war, natural disasters etc.
- For interferences in the area of local sanitary and supply devices and disposal facilities (e. g. water, electricity and other energy), and technical equipment (e. g. continuous availability of heating-systems, elevators, air-conditionings, swimming-pool etc.)
- As far as domestic or foreign regulations limit ore exclude the liability of the respective owner for his services, too.
- For the observance of the existing pass -, visas-, foreign currencies and health regulations. All disadvantages, which arise from the non-observance of these regulations, are for the account of the customer, even in the event of requirements being altered subsequent to booking. The customer is obligated to gather all necessary information about such provisions.
- Even in Tuscany construction is in progress. It may happen, that construction works, will start at relatively short notice. This applies for private owners, as well as for public builders. Neither the owner, nor we, can influence such works. We strive however, to prevent inconveniences of this type.
Swimming pool:
The opening hours indicated in the description of the vacation property are guidance values and without obligation. Dependent on weather conditions opening hours can differ. If cleaning works are required, the swimming pool could be closed temporarily.
Details to property access:
The access to some vacation objects might be from gravel or an untarred road. In this case pay attention on potholes etc. The access with certain vehicles, as cabriolets, lowered vehicles, boat- or bike trailer etc., is in some cases not possible or only with difficulties. Please check in advance, if you intend to travel with such a vehicle.

7. Changes in prices and services
Changes of prices and services on our side are possible until booking confirmation (mistakes reserved) particularly when errors or mistakes on the website occur.

8. Withdrawal / Cancellation
If the customer withdraws from a booking the following percentages of the rental price become due:
- until 61 days before beginning of rent 20%
- 60 - 35 days before beginning of rent 50%
- 34 bis 15 days before beginning of rent 60%
- 14 bis 7 days before beginning of rent 85%
- 6 bis 0 days before beginning of rent or (no-show) or early departure the total amount of the stay has to be paid.
The tenant has the right to prove that a lesser damage was incurred. We expressly point out that withdrawal/cancellation must be made in writing.

We recommend booking travel cancellation insurance.

9. Complaints / notices of defect
If you have complaints regarding the rental object when moving in or during the rental time, the complaints must be reported immediately to the landlord, or reported in writing to the rental agency 48 hours after having taken notice of the defect.
We trust you will understand that the failure of timely notification may lead to the loss of your claims.
Should the rental property not be in a clean and tidy state, it has to be complained to the owner or his representative immediately.

10. Place of jurisdiction
The Place of jurisdiction for the agency agreement between customer and Toskana-Pur is the head office of the company.
The Place of jurisdiction for hire agreement concluded between the customer and the landlord is the site of the respective rental property.
11. Invalidity of provisions (Severability Clause).
Should one of these travel conditions be or become invalid, ineffective or incomplete, the legal effectiveness of the other clauses remain unaffected by this fact. Instead of the invalid regulation a valid regulation which resembles the economic purpose and the intention of the invalid regulation has to come into effect.
The tenant / traveller accepts the terms of hire for himself and in the name of all persons registered.

12. Additional notes
the apartments and vacancy homes are in private ownership and are individually furnished. Furnishings and outfits are in accordance with local standards. Photographs of respective properties are, especially in case of big resorts, to be seen as example and do not in any case, show the booked apartment or room.
The landlord shall be responsible for proper handover of the rental property.

Handover of the vacation object to the respective tenant takes place on times mentioned in the route directions (changes only possible after previous arrangement).

Free Wi-Fi means that you may surf at no additional cost in the network, receive mails and may post it on Facebook. It does not mean to watch movies or TV broadcasts or perform more Downloads.

Most houses and apartments provide adapter for German plugs. To be on the safe side, it is advisable, to bring one yourself or to buy one on site for little money.
Heating systems in Italy cannot be compared with German heating systems. Apartments and houses can, especially in the cold season, because of the local climate, be humid.
In Italy with "SAT-TV" in most cases Eutelsat i.e. Hotbird is to be understood, which receive few or no German TV Stations. Should you wish to receive sendings via "Astra", it is recommended to ask about the availability.

Italian houses are not constructed as German houses. They often lack heat and impact sound insulation. Bad sound proof can be referred to as "customary".
Actually a banal topic, but following several complaints, this note:
Please bear in mind that in Italy usually Italian is spoken. It may happen that some of the landlords speak other languages e. g. German, French or English, if only rudimentary. "German spoken" is therefore not valid everywhere.
If linguistic issues arise we can assist you in urgent cases by phone.






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